Below highlights Our Philosophy, Our Awards and Our People.

Our Philosophy

Our Place in History: The distinctiveness of a body of work within a given context is the basis for evaluation of the impact made by an Architect or an Architectural firm on the built environment. The enhanced quality of life and the formation of character for a city or region are its hallmarks. The nature of the place, both natural and man-made, the image of the place and the respect for this place over time and in history, is the context for which the evaluation is made. The distinctiveness of the place, the image and the historic context, is the criteria for excellence.

A distinctive project assumes that the functional, programmatic and financial goals are achieved or exceeded. It is when this special result occurs that the project may stand-out and define the potential of the built environment which then earns attention and respect. A new building; a restoration; an addition: each may embody these characteristics and be appreciated as a new and vital part of the whole community. Quina Grundhoefer Architects has proven in his body of work that it is distinctive.


We pride ourselves in introducing innovation and creativity to each project, demonstrated through our local and state awards in architectural design and historic preservation.

Our People

Our staff of talented professionals offers a wide range of experience and expertise in architecture and interior design.
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Carter Quina

Carter Quina, AIA, has practiced architecture as a principal of the firm in Pensacola, Florida, since 1984. An Auburn University and Tulane graduate, Carter has broadened his education through world travel, volunteer participation, and by teaching graduate level students. His appreciation for the history of place confirms his invested interest in restoration as well as the value of new construction that considers the context of history as a primary factor in design. Making buildings that will be built to last and be preserved, is the defining philosophy of his professional life.

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Daniel Grundhoefer

Daniel Grundhoefer, AIA, an Auburn University graduate, has practiced architecture since 1979 and has been a principal of the firm since 1992. His approach to solving design problems is to uncover the “essence of the obvious,” thereby formulating decisions that are eloquent and simple. Through his extensive experience in religious design, Danny has developed a notion of space creation that inspires, is compelling, and that speaks to ones’ heart- becoming both subjective and effectual.

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Jessica Cribbs

Jessica Cribbs has been a key member of the firm since 2005 serving as Office Manager in charge of all business affairs in addition to supporting project administration and marketing efforts. Jessica’s talent for organization and process management is complementary to her strength of character and her care and concerns for the firm’s clients, consultants, and business partners.

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Hannah Coggin

Hannah Coggin, AIA, initiated her career with the firm in 2005 before taking time to earn her Masters of Architecture at the University of Florida. Now bound to Pensacola by family and career, she has excelled in executing complex program, technical, and implementation issues for both new and renovation projects. She seeks solutions that are logical and environmentally responsive.

Andrew Guarisco

Andrew Guarisco, a lifetime Gulf Coast resident and a graduate of Auburn University, combines his interest in vernacular architecture and sustainable construction methods with his developed skills in model building, computer rendering, and adapting technology to design and documentation methods. He played a vital role in field documentation for the West Florida High School.

Janie Merritt

Janie Merritt has become a valued team member using her artistic talents, computer capabilities and organizational skills to design and manage interior design projects for the firm. A Mississippi State graduate, her knowledge of 21st century education methods has contributed to responsive solutions that appeal to teachers, staff and students.

Rubi Carrero

Rubi Mar Carrero, a native of Fajardo, Puerto Rico, found her way to the Gulf Coast after graduating from Auburn University. Her experience with Auburn’s Rural Studio complements her personal interest for quality affordable living environments making her a valued member of the Design Team for recovery projects in Century, Florida, damaged by the tornado of 2016.