Sanders Beach – Corinne Jones Community Center

  • Location:Pensacola, Florida
  • Size:18,000 sq. ft.
  • Cost:$4.2 million

Project Info:

After Hurricane Ivan destroyed the existing facility in 2004, QGA wanted to create a new Community Resource Center that would not only replace the lost functional spaces, but provide a facility that would offer new and exciting activities for the entire neighborhood. Sitting just 100 feet from the water’s edge of Pensacola Bay, QGA designed the new center in a way that celebrates its close connection to the water. ┬áThe new Ballroom seats 350 people and has a three-sided balcony facing the bay which allows its users to experience the spectacular views both indoors and outdoors. The brand new facility also includes a multi-purpose meeting room, game room, TV room, fitness room, exercise room, kitchen, and a small library and computer room.