• Location:Pensacola, Florida
  • Size:17,625 sq. ft.
  • Cost:$1.9 million

Project Info:

The new home for one of the oldest kitchen equipment supply companies in the Southeast, the new headquarters was placed on the site of the historic Spearman Brewery, located between Main and Barrancas. The building program included a warehouse and staging area, with a loading dock and parking for customers and company fleet. The building also includes a new show room to highlight both commercial and residential kitchen appliances. The grand show room space was encased with glass and placed along the Main Street sidewalk at a slight angle that alters perspective from both the east and west approaches. Steel and brick details form the arcade that suggests individual display cases and protects the south facing glazed fa├žade.

The interior steel frame was exposed and LED strip lights were used to reflect shelving layout below. Polished concrete floors were used in the show room and sharp edges define the service counters and demonstration kitchen. A conference room and offices were placed along the west elevation and furnishing retain the contemporary themed interior design.