Golding Barge Line

  • Location:Vicksburg, Mississippi
  • Size:13,800 sq. ft.
  • Cost:$3.5 million

Project Info:

The new office building is the headquarters for Golding Barge Line, a river barge company located on the Mississippi River. The design was driven by the requirements to raise the building above the river’s flood plain, allowing the rising river waters to flow under the building for those events occurring about every three to five years. The orientation maximizes the views to the river for all the users, while the placement of the building to the water’s edge makes it a participating part of the river’s bustling activities.

The office level is raised well above typical flood elevation to allow a level of parking below. The concrete piers celebrate this condition and harken to pilings around river docking facilities. The simple building form and massing relates to the common waterfront warehouse structures found in industrial areas.